Karen AdamsonKaren Adamson

Karen Adamson – General Manager of DGT.

Karen’s career has spanned various roles whilst

working with adults with a learning disability.

Her background is in Teaching and Support

and has an extensive knowledge and understanding

of the issues surrounding Learning Disabilities.

Nigel Higginson – Deputy Manager.

Nigel’s has worked as a chef in a former career before

he started to work with adults with a learning disability.

Now his culinary  skills are used at DGT along with

his other practical abilities in many areas of building,

maintenance and mechanics.  He is very versatile, resourceful

and enjoys working with our people.

Nigel Higginson



Ian Harris

Ian Harris – Head of Horticulture, has been with the Trust since its foundation in 1994.

Ian  has breadth of knowledge and experience

gained whilst working in horituclture in both

the public and commercial sectors.

It is largely through his inspiration and enthusiasm

that the Trust has been so successful. Ian is strongly

committed to working with people with disabilities